Friday, September 10, 2004

DOA - America The Beautiful

A Canadian band's take on America. It's funny ( in a sad way ) how songs written during the Reagan years are once again topical in 2004.

DOA - America the Beautiful.mp3
DOA reared their ugly head in Vancouver in 1978 and is still kicking around day. Anchored by frontman Joey (Shithead) Keighley the band continues to record new material and tour. I give Keighley credit, after all these years he still has something of interest to say ( and the desire to still say it ). That said though, DOA is best remembered by their first three albums ( well, 2 albums and a 12" EP ). 1980's Something Better Change and 1981's Hardcore 81 are chocked full of melodic, anthemic punk heavily influenced by early britpunk. 1982's War on 45 from which "America the Beautiful" is taken is a bit slower, more "rock" but still full of tongue in cheek humor and biting lyrics. Only 8 songs, but all are solid and enjoyable, especially the cover of "War"