Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Cramps - Call of The Wighat

an album cut from Lux and Ivy, the long reigning royal family of campy trash rock

The Cramps - Call of The Wighat.mp3
If you are unfamiliar with the Cramps I suggest reading the band's Trouser Press entry for the basics. I remember someone describing them as the band that should have provided the soundtrack to so many of those schlocky 1950's sci-fi films, which sounds about right. Late night horror rock, without a doubt. The Cramps are still going strong today, which puts them somewhere beyond the twenty-five year mark. While there best days are behind them I can usually find a track or two on their later albums that still gets me moving.

"Call of the Wighat" is live cut from 1983's 6 song mini LP Smell of Female and presents the Cramps in all of their primal voodoo glory. The band is definitely more raw and out of control sounding on this live slab than on their studio efforts. I love the high flying guitar work, Lux's deranged lyrics, and the background "huumphs" ( or what have you ). The original release included 6 twangy, fuzzed out songs. The reissue tacked on 3 additional tracks. I would recommend getting the bands previous albums - Psychedelic Jungle and Songs The Lord Taught Us before tracking this down, though, just as they provide more bang for your buck.