Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Canadian Radio

OK... well there's no MP3 with this post, I'll try to get to that later. I spent the past 4 days or so in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan. The highlight of the long ( emphasis on loooong ) 500 mile drive between Syracuse and Ann Arbor is the 250 miles spent in Canada listening to some fine Canadian radio stations. Such a refreshing change from the stupefying sameness of American radio. (thanks, Clear Channel!) The CRTC requires that a certain percentage of broadcast content consist of Canadian artists. This makes for some great variety.

Two stations in particular made our drive so much more tolerable. I encourage you to check them out ( internet radio ). They fall into the 'alternative' category, whatever that means:

102.1 The Edge ( Toronto )
94.9 - CHRW ( London )

And while I'm at it, I should throw in Rochester's 90.5 FM WBER, which helped ease the blow back into the American airwaves ( despite the annoying DJ )

Perhaps some Canadian bands this week? Stay tuned...