Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Street Where Nobody Lives

Yesterday I name dropped the Pagans. Today I figured I better deliver the goods.

Pagans - Street Where Nobody Lives.mp3
The Pagans could very well have been Cleveland's finest rock &roll band at their apex in the late 70's. The band issued a handful of singles consisting of snotty, spitting punk, but imploded before ever managing to record an album proper. While subsequent live albums were issued, they failed to live up to the promise of the singles. An excellent first person account of the mayhem written by singer Mike Hudson can be found here.

Many of the singles and additional studio tracks were re-released in the late 80's on the long out of print "Buried Alive" LP. Tim Warren at Crypt Records has made it his personal mission to keep the Pagans in print, releasing two separate CD's - Shit Street and Pink Album Plus - that deliver all the studio and live tracks you could hope for.

The track here is from the band's second single, released in 1978. Both tracks are killer ( B-Side is "What's This Shit Called Love?") making this the bands finest moment. Gritty guitar, driving bass, an instant classic.

The following songs are available for download from Crypt Records Radio page:

Six and Change
Real World
Eyes of Satan
Cry 815
I Don't Understand