Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Sado-Nation were ( are? ) a melodic punk band hailing from Portland, OR. Formed in 1978 the band engaged in so many personnel changes that trying to keep track is a task I don't wish to undertake. Most noticeably the band switched from a male vocalist(Dave Corboy) to a female singer in their early days(Leesh Anderson). The confusion is evident on 1980's debut 7", which featured 4 songs, two each from the respective vocalists. The tracks with Corboy singing ("I'm Trouble", "On Whom They Beat") are great - really rough and frantic sounding. The other two tracks have distinct pop-edge and ultimately aren't as intense, though "Mom & Pop Democracy" is catchy as hell.

Sado-Nation - I'm Trouble.mp3
Sado-Nation - Gimme You.mp3
Sado-Nation - On Whom They Beat.mp3
Sado-Nation - Mom & Pop Democracy.mp3

>> the whole EP has been reissued by Greg Sage's Zeno Records as part of the History of Portland Punk CD. A Worthwhile investment, it includes 7"s from the Wipers, Stiphynoids, Neo Boys, Sado-Nation in addition to the whole live LP "10-29-79".
>> Sado-Nation has their own page on Myspace with the requisite sound samples