Sunday, August 08, 2004

Roll Call!

I just wanted to take a moment to say a big "thank you" to my fellow bloggers who've been kind enough to drop a line, leave a comment, or link this here blog thang.

Vinyl Mine - One mand digging through his vinyl collection and posting about the highlights. A compelling read!

Scissorkick - Offerering an excellent mix of today's overlooked new bands, some oddities, and some old gems. An excellent look and feel melded to insightful writing. Check it out.

Mystery & Misery - A fellow upstater, links to scads of new independent and underground music on a daily basis. So thorough that it puts me to shame.

Lost Bands of The New Wave Era - A blog representing quality over quantity. One band a week of lost "should have been huge" music. Detailed, a definite labor of love.

Spoilt Victorian Child - From the other side of the pond, touching on new indie, old favorites, a little bit of everything. A great read and the best looking sidebar I've seen out there.

An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming - Another excellent blog from the UK, featuring an eclectic mix of rock and avant-garde with a nice dash of humor. Is that sidebar a British thing?!??

Nobulog - From Japan, featuring some old HC, skate, Asian, indie, underground - you get it! Lot's of interesting notes and info on things I'de never heard of before. Quite a cool guy!

Totally Fuzzy - a fantastic blog with so many links to different kinds of music that is futile for me to try and some up. Chock full of tons o' stuff.

Tofu hut - One of the first mp3 blogs I came across, a collaborative effort with so much stuff ( music and info ) that it makes my head spin.

Thanks again to everyone. I encourage everyone who visits these sites to LEAVE A COMMENT, these people are devoting a ton of time, energy, and desire to get the word out on excellent music. Feedback is the fuel which keeps us going.

And as always, support the artists showcased by buying the music, going to the shows, etc.