Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Reigning Sound - You Got Me Hummin'

from the latest release by Greg Cartwright and co.

Reigning Sound - You Got Me Hummin.mp3
I hesitate to call Reigning Sound the new band for Greg Cartwright, as they have released a bunch of albums over the last couple of years. I guess I'm still hoping that the Oblivians will permanently reform and these "new" bands will be considered "side projects". Yeah, I won't hold my breath. I may be the only person to actually admit I'm not gaga over the post Oblivians bands ( Reigning Sound, Compulsive Gamblers) Too 60's garage rock for my (limited) musical tastes. In my mind a case of where the sum was so much more than the individual parts. That said, I'm completely on board with Too Much Guitar from the Reigning Sound. It is truth in advertising, a more "rocking" album than previous ones. It doesn't get any better than "You Got Me Hummin", an energetic,catchy rocker that I've been playing over and over.

If you have patience and better luck than me you can attempt to hear some sounds from the bands maddening website.