Monday, August 02, 2004

Pixies - Into The White

starting off a week full of live ones with an old song in a new setting

Pixies - Into the White (live) .mp3
Pixies 4.13.2004if you haven't heard that the Pixies are back together then you need to stop reading this and pickup a copy of Spin or something. This is great news for old folks like myself who are stuck living in the past, man. I never had a chance to see them, and unless I'm willing to hoof it to Toronto in November I may not ever have the chance. Anyhow, "Into The White" is a b-side cut from way long ago that has been made a part of the current show ( and latest "Best of" release ) for good reason. A breathless Kim Deal vocal overlaid with a driving rhythm and chaotic guitar skronk, this one is gem that is finally receiving it's due. This particular version was the show closer for the opening date of their latest tour, April 13, 2004 in Minneapolis. As you can hear, the sound is excellent.

It looks as if some of the latest shows have been officially made available. Info here

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