Monday, August 30, 2004

The Left - Hell, It's The World

I stumbled across The Left originally when listening to the Killed By Hardcore bootleg. My search for information on this band has been relatively fruitless. What I can gather is that The Left were a Pennsylvania band who released a remarkable 12" called Hell, It's The World in 1984 (and a decent follow up Last Train to Hagerstown in 1985) As far as I can tell this is OOP*. It's a shame, as this is great stuff. 8 tracks of melodic, mid-tempo punk in the Dischord/DC vein. Distinctive sounding even after 20 years.

The New Bomb Turks covered this one a couple of years ago, which inspired me to initially track it down. Their track "Fuck It" pops into my head everytime something goes wrong in my world (even though the song is about drinking). Fuck it, man! Here are a couple from Hell, It's The World:

The Left - Fuck It.mp3
The Left - Hell.mp3
The Left - Frontline.mp3
The Left - 5:00 AM.mp3

*Both 12"s were reissued on one LP in 1989 on the Gift of Life imprint. I don't believe this has been reissued since.