Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I Realize That I Hate the Sound of Guitars

well, I don't hate the sound of guitars, but these guys do have a point with this one (lyrics):

Fugazi - Target (live).mp3
I love that Fugazi has decided to dig into their live show archive and release 20 odd shows on CD for the fans, nicely priced at $10 a pop. Details here. "Target" is probably my favorite track from 1995's Red Medicine. While not their strongest album, there are more than a handful of classics ( "Target", "Bed for The Scraping" "Do You Like Me?" amongst others ) to make it worthwhile. You should know what Fugazi is all about at this point, so I won't give the spiel. Their integrity and commitment to the band, the scene, independent music, etc. is legendary. Above all, they seem like a band that truly cares about their fans.

I had the opportunity to meet Ian Mackaye years ago after a show in Rochester. Very down to earth, humble, and welcoming to all those around him. All I could say was "Great fucking show, man". I was 17 at the time and I was meeting the man who started a revolution in Minor Threat, I had so much to say and yet that was all I could blurt out. Anyhow, I'm amazed that 15 years later I'm still intrigued by the band, their music, everything. I guess it doesn't hurt that they keep putting out great records. ( see 2001's The Argument for proof )

Great pics from the Fugazi Gallery at Southern:
Fugazi - 8.29.97 Fort Reno, DC by Glen Friedman