Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I Only Had a Corona, 5 Cent Deposit

more live stuff today, a 1985 radio performance from the Minutemen.

the Minutemen - Corona.mp3
Minutemen - 1985surely you've heard the opening chords of this song, the theme copped by MTV's "Jackass". Not surprising from a bunch of old skaters I guess, it was simply weird to see a bunch of mainstream folk embracing the song. Hey, as long as Mike & George got paid it is all good. You most likely know the Minutemen, San Pedro CA's proud sons. Althoug always mentioned as stalwarts of the 1980's LA punk scene, these guys didn't necessarily sound "punk", sounding more like an AOR rock band playing short, political songs. Unlike other bands, the band featured song craft without the over reliance on guitar effects and volume.

"Corona" originally appeared as an album cut on the essential Double Nickels on the Dime double LP. The version heard here is from a late 1985 radio session in Atlanta. A small handful of these tracks were released on the posthumous Ballot Result live double on SST after D. Boons untimely death in 1986.
I love this song because the guitar work really stands out, and the whole mix sounds clean ( despite missing a lot of the low end from Watt's bass ). All in all, more powerful than the LP version.

The whole dang session is available over Corndog.org with the blessing of the band. Be sure to check the rest of the site in addition to all of the audio goodies!