Friday, August 27, 2004

Guzzard - Glued

Yesterday I mentioned the Bug Jar fest scheduled for tomorrow in Rochester, NY. Guzzard played the fest in 1996.

Guzzard - Glued.mp3
How to describe Guzzard? Well, imagine a band built around the noisy Helmet model but a bit faster, more melodic, and less repetitive. Of course in the early 90's Helmet clones were a common thing but Guzzard caught my attention with their 1993 AmRep debut 7" which featured "Glued". I'm not sure what it is, perhaps it's the barely contained energy captured by engineer Tim Mac. This 7" was a true AmRep classic. The band's subsequent three albums proved to be cleaner sounding and somehow less satisfying, but still enjoyable in their own right.