Monday, August 23, 2004

Gandhi - Everybody Loves You

Gandhi existed for a brief moment in time several years ago as the new band for Page Hamilton. It looked as is the band was set to record and release an album, marking the return of Hamilton to the nu-metal scene that he essentially created with Helmet. The band posted several demo tracks on their now defunct website ( www.gandhiband.com ). So what happened? According to the bio on the Helmet website Gandhi dissolved after Hamilton tired of living in LA and working with an NY based band. But I'm guessing from the following quote that Hamilton was contractually prevented from using the Helmet name.

Earlier this year, Interscope label chairman Jimmy Iovine called HAMILTON. He wanted to speak with him about two things. He first asked if PAGE would like to produce acts for his label. (HAMILTON's first job, the solo album from Bush
singer Gavin Rossdale, is slated for release later this year). And then, Iovine
told PAGE he would like for him to return to Interscope and make HELMET records. "After all these years, I was offered the opportunity to have the band name I started with," says HAMILTON. "That's kind of hard to pass up!"

As it stands now Helmet will be releasing a new album entitled "Size Matters" on September 14. "Everybody Loves You" looks to be included on this, along with at least one other Gandhi era song ( "Enemies").

As for the Gandhi songs, well, they sound like Helmet - Agressive, chunky guitars, memorable chorus. The only tweaks are some electronic flourishes here and there. Helmet fans will not be disappointed.

Gandhi - Enemies.mp3
Gandhi - Everybody Loves You.mp3
Gandhi - Just Like Me.mp3
Gandhi - Money Shot.mp3

>> Update 6/2005: one of the reasons this post was updated is due to the fact that I generally prefer the Gandhi material to the songs on Size Matters
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