Monday, August 16, 2004

Frustration Rocket

A new week, so why not some new music from Portland, Oregon's the Hunches

The Hunches - Frustration Rocket.mp3
Hobo Sunrise the latest album the Hunches, is set to be released tomorrow on In The Red. An advance copied was leaked several months ago, but I decided to hold off on putting up a song. Comparisons of the band to the Birthday Party or Laughing Hyenas are unavoidable, due mostly to vocalist Hart Gledhill throaty growl. Hobo Sunrise is much like a continuation of 2002's Yes.No.Shut It. LP, an intentional lofi recording that mixes noisy one-note guitar, larynx grinding vocals, and the occasional pop melody. This one has a few off kilter moments though ( "Intellectual", "Surgeon's Girl") that are new. "Frustration Rocket" has an immediate kick in the face feel, an uptempo song built around feedback with a pop twist at the end. My favorite track on an album that is growing on me.