Thursday, August 12, 2004

A Feast of Snakes

yeah, I'm feeling pretty lazy today so I figured I'd just keep this thing centered in Texas

A Feast of Snakes - Know Your Name.mp3
A Feast of Snakes is a conglomerate made up of players in the whole trash/blues sleaze rock scene. Featuring former members of the Necessary Evils, Fireworks, Blacktop, and the Reds, the band churns out low-fi swamp rock with distorted vocals, some nasty slide guitar, and plenty of voodoo beats. This one is taken from the 2002 eponymous effort on In The Red records. There isn't a ton of info on this band and I'm not sure if they are even still around. They also have 7" available on Dropkick. Wish I had more to give you. As it stands I know of only 2 releases by this band, 12 tracks in total. Maybe less is more?