Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Carnival of Light And Sound

a live cut from Bob Mould's Carnival of Light and Sound 2002 tour

Bob Mould - Lost Zoloft (live).mp3
Where to start with this one? Mould is mercurial and talented artist ( and denizen of the blogosphere )whose muse leads him in many directions. You should know the history - Husker Du, Sugar, solo. In 1999 Mould decided he had enough of loud, electric tours and vowed he wouldn't hit the road with a full band again. Afterwards, he took some time to work as a creative consultant for WCW wrestling. He returned in 2002 with Modulate, which incorporate electronics and dance tracks with his signature guitar lines. Many were disappointed ( myself included ) with the new sound and hoped it was a passing fad. Well, here it is 2004 and the long rumored Body of Song LP ( in the vein of Workbook, originally scheduled for release 2002 ) seems to be on the backburner. Currently Mould is collaborating with Rich Morel under the moniker of Blowoff. If disco is your thing then you surely won't be disappointed.

Back to the song. Despite the let down of Modulate, Bob delighted his fans with the Carnival of Light and Sound tour. The set included Mould playing guitar to backing tracks while videos were projected on screens behind him. In addition to the new songs some old Sugar and Husker Du songs were played. All in all it was a fantastic show.

"Lost Zoloft" is "a perfect example" (hehe) of how good the new songs sounded when melded to that searing guitar. This one just has a tone, a vibe that feels like twilight to me. ( whatever that means ) While the vocals are buried a bit the guitar is right up front. I couldn't resist it in the face of other more popular classics. Enjoy
COLAS Tour - April 13, 2002