Friday, August 06, 2004

Can You Hear Me Now?

a new live one from two producers and a human thud machine.

Shellac - Radio Song (live).mp3
Albini-Shellac-live-earthThe song listed is not officially titled as such (to my knowledge), but I've seen it referred to that way so why not? I originally planned on posting my fav song "Wingwalker" a couple of weeks ago only to discover Simon at Spoilt Victorian Child had beaten me to punch. Reading the post I was intrigued to hear the new songs. After some searching I was able to track it down.

From what I gather the song seems to be some kind of modern communications rant with Albini screaming "Can you hear me now?" over and over. The instrumentation is from the Shellac school of repetition, slow and heavy akin to "Prayer To God" ( music wise ) and "Didn't We Deserve A Look..." (but shorter)

So when will the new album be available? "2007" according to Bob Weston, but let's hope he is being facetious - it's been 4 years since 1000 Hurts and the fans are itching for something new!

Here is great page detailing most of Albini's exploits in Shellac/Rapeman/Big Black:

Action Park