Thursday, August 19, 2004

3 AM and 4 Again

new ( to me ) music from the infamous Paul Bearer & co.

Joe Coffee - 3 AM and 4 Again.mp3
Joe Coffee is a NYC post-hardcore band lead by the inimitable Rev. Paul Bearer and a cast of other NYHC players. For those in the dark, Bearer was the driving force behind legendary NYC hardcore band Sheer Terror. I won't delve into that band's history now, I'll save it for a later post. Needless to say I was happy to finally uncover 2002's Bright As the Stars We're Under after looking for quite awhile. The first press of the CD disappeared quickly, but luckily was re-released earlier this year . Make no mistake, Joe Coffee is not Sheer Terror, the jackhammer hardcore and gutteral vocals are mostly absent. Instead Joe Coffee is features a more "mature" hardcore rock&roll sound - I know that is usually the kiss of death for some, but seriously it works. The key is Bearer's strongly sung vocals and evocative lyrics. If you absolutely need a Sheer Terror reference point think Love Songs For the Unloved rather than Just Can't Hate Enough. I'm glad to know that Paul Bearer is still out there, busting the balls of everyone, skewering everything. In short, making the world a more cynical and darkly humorous place.

A review from DOA

For those interested it looks like there is going to be a Sheer Terror reunion show on Oct 10-2004 at CBGB!