Thursday, July 29, 2004

World Caved In

I didn't plan on this being a "theme" week, but the past several days have brought bad luck, bad news, and bad weather to my doorstep. Why shouldn't I just prepare for the worst? Actually, this song popped into my head this morning, so here it is. Look, it's another DC band!

Government Issue - World Caved In.mp3
the GI's always seemed to reside out of the spotlight in Washington DC's hardcore heyday of the '80's, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was the fact they weren't on Dischord, instead releasing many of their albums on the Fountain of Youth label. Who knows? Progressing from a traditional hardcore band to a near psychedelic hippie band ( well, not that extreme ) the band showed increasing songcraft over the course of 6 albums, 2 singles, and various live cash-in's.

"World Caved In" was a standout track on an otherwise ho-hum album. The Fun Just Never Ends was released in 1985 and showed that while the band had slowed down the tempo the songs were still catchy. The biggest problem with this LP lies with the sterile, blah production, which robbed many of the songs of their power. Regardless, some of my favorites by the band are on here: "Mad at Myself", "Vanity Fare", "Massacre" and the honored track "World Caved In".

Th entire Government Issue discography has been re-released on CD, creatively titled Complete History vol 1 and Complete History vol 2

Here's a couple more:
Plain to See (1983)
Where You Live (1987)