Monday, July 19, 2004

Two-Piece Bands, y'all!

I'm not sure if I want to keep this "theme of the week" thing going, but I got some stuff lined up now, so let's do it.

Bantam Rooster - This Close To Suicide.mp3
Bantam Rooster kick up a mighty big racket for a simple guitar& drum combo. The Lansing, MI natives have been playing around since 1995, dealing out doses of blues and punk ( and some country and soul) over the course of 3 albums and a handful of singles. T. Jackson Potter (a sometimes member of the Dirtbombs and Seger Liberation Army ) mixes simple guitar riffs with an unearthly wail for some seriously fucked up rock&roll. "This Close to Suicide" is the closer from 2001's LP "Fuck All Y'All" on Sympathy. Starting out with a somber countrified plea for help, things kick into distored overdrive mid way through. Just plain psychotic!

Desperately waiting for a new album. If anyone has any info then please let me know.