Friday, July 16, 2004

To Love Somebody

Do you remember this BeeGee's song? It probaly didn't sound quite like this
Mule - To Love Somebody.mp3
Detroit's Mule were an enigmatic entity. Boasting a mix of Country, Blues, and just plain aggro, Mule was best described as a "Hellish backwoods racket". I can't remember who coined that term but it always seemed apt. I always thought of them as a punk based ZZ Top, but whatever. Mule was propelled by singer/guitarist PW Long's throaty growl and trebly guitar. "To Love Somebody", the B-side to 1992' s "I'm Hell" single has the above qualities in spades. This version plays more like hillbilly love gone horribly wrong than a sappy tribute ( as the original does ). Highlight is towards the end when the band finds a groove and just pummels it, a signature mule stomp that higlighted all 3 of their records ( s/t, "Wrung", and "If I Don't Six" ) for Quarterstick

Not much info on the band can be found, so these will have to do:
From their label
From Grunnenrocks  - thee most comprehensive  garagepunk, broken blues, and noise music site you will find anywhere.