Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Something's Gone Wrong Again

I'm just having the best week ever. Yeah, that is sarcasm. This sums everything up.

Buzzcocks - Something's Gone Wrong Again.mp3
You should all know the Buzzcocks, as their name is synonymous with British punk rock. They laid the groundwork for the pop-punk explosion of the '90s and today. While I'm generally not a fan of "pop-punk",  there is no denying Pete Shelley and the gang. Still at it today the Buzzcocks are pure melody welded to noise. "Something's Gone Wrong Again" is not your traditional Buzzcocks song, relying more on repetition and dark ambience than their usually catchy hooks. This was released as the  B-side to 1979's "Harmony in My Head" single and was included in the splendid singles comp "Singles Going Steady" which is a must have.

Additionally, here is a new Buzzcocks song recorded live in 2003: