Monday, July 26, 2004

Ode to a Liberal Democrat

This one goes out to all the fine folks gathering in Boston this week for Democratic National Convention.

Christ on a Crutch - Ode to a Liberal Democrat.mp3
an album track from 1987's "Spread Your Filth" LP, COAC played straight ahead old school hardcore - no metal riffs, no breakdowns, no tough guy bullshit. Political hardcore from Seattle WA, COAC were as tough on the so called left as they were on the right. "Ode To A Liberal Democrat" seeks to bash those who simply pay lip service to their supposed values. Not a great deal of info out there on the group, This is what I know off of the top of my head: Band formed as a three piece in Washington DC before adding a fourth member and relocating to Seattle in the late 80's. They recorded 2 albums ( "Spread Your Filth" and "Crime Pays When Pigs Die" ) and 2 singles between 1987 and 1991. Also appeared on a couple of comps released on the Dischord,Maximum Rock&Roll, and Hippiecore imprint.

A trivia note: bass player Nate Mendel went on to play with Sunny Day Real Estate and the Foo Fighters.

New Red Archives has released a couple of CD's that essential collect their discography:
"Spread Your Filth: The Doughnut and Bourbon Years"
"Shit Edge & Other Songs For the Young and Sentimental"
"Crime Pays When Pigs Die" - possibly the best punk album title ever