Monday, July 05, 2004

My America

Do you see where this is going this week? Oh, for the love of the red, white, & blue

F.U.'s - My America.mp3

Quite controversial upon it's release in 1983, these days the lyrics appear quitetame. Boston's F.U.'s produced two 12"s ( "Kill for Christ" & "My america" ) of buzzsaw, hectic hardcore in the early 80's. The band raised the hackles of many politico punkers by writing non-PC ( called "right wing" at the time ) lyrics. Read an interview the band did with MRR here ( courtesy KFTH) In actuality, the lyrics for "My America" take aim at the punks who will gladly talk the talk, but who aren't willing to follow through with action. Christ, I can't find the words anywhere on the web and I'm too lazy to pull out the LP and type them in from the lyric sheet. Good luck trying to decipher them.

The original albums were released on the Xclaim and Modern Method and have subsequenlty been re-released on Lost&Found ( bootlegged, I believe ) and officially on Taang! . Check them out!

More band info can be found at the excellent Kill From the Heart website.