Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Mr. Airplane Man - Make You Mine

Imagine if you took one of those 60's "girl" groups, gave them guitars, amps, and old R&B records, and turned them loose in a studio. You'd probably have something like Mr Airplane Man

Mr Airplane Man - Make you Mine.mp3
Boston's Mr. Airplane Man are two piece consisting of Margaret Garrett on guitar& vocals and Tara McManus on drums. Formed in the late 90's under the guidance of late Morphine frontman Mark Sandman, the band caught the eye of lo-fi legend Monseiuer Jeffrey Evans, who would eventually record their Sympathy debut, 2001's "Red Lite".

Their name comes from a Howlin' Wolf song and they make no bones about being influenced by early rock&roll and rhythm&blues.
"Make You Mine" is a cut off of the their latest disc ( "C'Mon DJ") and features a straight up rock riff over a basic crash and bang drum beat. Sounds simple, but somehow it works. I don't know if it is the raw, buzzing guitar, the pummeling beat, or the(buried in the mix) background harmonies, but this is my fav off of the new album. In short Mr. Airplane Man churn out convincing, unpretentious garage rock & roll.

More Mr. Airplane Man mp3's can be found on the band's download page.