Friday, July 30, 2004

It's Over and Done, that's it

I'm debating which song to put up even as I begin typing this. Here's the capper to a perfect week.

Arcwelder - Carpal Tunnel Song.mp3
Minneapolis' Arcwelder made some beautiful noise in the 90's, releasing 6 albums all told. Fuzzed out guitar, alternating vocals, strong hooks, noisy pop melodies - Arcwelder always reminded of a latter day Husker Du. In fact I often think Drummer/Vocalist Scott Macdonald sounds a bit like Bob Mould, despite the occasional falsetto.

"Carpal Tunnel Song" was released on 1994's Xerxes and this thing didn't leave my CD player for well over a month. Combined with 1993's Pull these two albums are Arcwelder's definitive moments ( Albums #3&#$ for the chronological ). Pull is solid from front to end, but I still prefer Xerxes due to it's more off kilter moments, such as this track. A dense, darker tune, the song sticks with me due to chorus - "It's Over and Done, that's it" repeated several time by Macdonald in his breaking voice. I've found that line just gets into my skull and sits there ( as it did this morning for some reason )

Since I'm amazingly indecisive I'm going to include theopening track off of Xerxes. It's provides some contrast to the first song, more light and airy and just plain positive feeling.

Arcwelder - Smile.mp3

Additionally, here are additional sounds from the bands page with Southern Studios. this track is from 1996's album Entropy

Captain Allen