Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Iron Cross

Hated & ProudI originally had a pretty long post worked up on the details of DC's Iron Cross. However, Blogger ate that post and fuck it, I just don't feel like recreating it. Iron Cross released two 7"s in the early 80's and could lay claim to be America's first skinhead band. The first 7" - "Skinhead Glory"- while labelled "Oi!" came across as a slower alternative to the loud & fast early DC scene. "Crucified" would become a hardcore anthem, but overall the 7" is marred by goofy lyrics and drab sounds.

1983's "Hated & Proud" was a vast improvement, incorporating melody, more intelligent lyrics, and better production. All three songs on the record are classics, my favorite being the tune posted here.

A CD retrospective was released in 2001 titled "Live for Now" and included all 7" tracks, comp tracks, and a handful of unreleased tracks. It is worth it for historical purposes alone.

Iron Cross - You're A Rebel.mp3
Iron Cross - Grey Morning.mp3
Iron Cross - Wolfpack.mp3