Thursday, July 22, 2004

Immortal Lee County Killers

this week has definitely been dominated by two-pieces in the trash rock/blues vein. Why stop a good thing at this juncture?

Immortal Lee County Killers - Said I'd Find My Way.mp3
rising from the ashes of the Quadrajets, the ILCK from Auburn, AL pull no punches. There first album was called "The Essential Fucked Up Blues" and it was indeed truth in advertising. Home recorded by Cheetah ( Chet Weise ) and JRR Token ( I'm suspecting stage names here ), the album featured 9 cuts of psychotic slide guitar mayhem. The cut posted here is no different. Noisy, nasty guitar, growling vocals. Pure and simple. Released in 2001, the album was followed up with "Love is a Charm of Powerful Trouble" in 2003. Both were released on Estrus

More sounds courtesy Estrus. From "Love is a Charm..."
Shitcanned Again
Truth through Sound