Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hollywood Swinging!

still dishing out the covers. Say hello to the Big Boys

Big Boys - Hollywood Swinging.mp3
There is no way my limited vocabularly and hackneyed prose can do justice to the Big Boys legacy. They were truly one of the most entertaining and innovative bands of the early 80's. Damaged by the sun in Austin, TX, the Big Boys melded punk, hardcore, and funk into a dangerous conglomerate that was captured over 3 albums, an EP, a split with the Dicks, and a posthumous odds and sounds collection. Full Discography here. The Fine folks at Touch&Go records were wise enough to release the entire collection over two CD's called the Skinny Elvis ( early years ) and the Fat Elvis ( later years ). Both are must haves for the discriminating music collector. One of the highlights is the ripping cover of Kool and the Gang's "Hollywood swinging" ( originally on the "fun, fun, fun" 12") This version buries the original across the board. Fun vocals, infectious horns, frenetic guitar. This fucker smokes. I dare you not to sing along!

Lot's of great Big Boys info at Kill From the Heart