Sunday, July 11, 2004

Covers week!

Welcome to a week full of cover songs. Digging through my collection I was astounded by the sheer volume of cover songs I have. Most are passable, some are throw aways, a few are so good you just can't help but smile and press replay. This week I wanted to detail some of my favorite covers, songs that have been reworked and improved from the original version. What better place to start than with the Supersuckers?

Supersuckers - Dead Homiez.mp3
what better way to start the week than with the best cover pulled off ( of many ) by one of my fav bands, the Supersuckers. This is reworked version of the Ice Cube song amped up and kicked out by Eddie Spaghetti and company. A wonky 70's groove propels the song along, with a kick of classic double barrel guitar at the climax. Released as the "B" side to the "Hell City, Hell" single in 1992, this track was for vinyl enthusiasts only until inclusion on the bands 1999 best of "Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World". Check them out when they come through your neck of the woods - the live show is one of the best around.