Sunday, July 18, 2004

Cornflake Girl

Well, this one was supposed to go in last night, but I fell asleep. Sue me!
Last cover of the week.
Jawbox - Cornflake Girl.mp3

Jawbox were my favorite 90's band out of Washington DC ( sorry, Fugazi, I'm sure you're crushed ). They released 4 albums in that decade ( 2 on Dischord, 20 on a major ) that all rocked. A combination of melody, noise, and power, Jawbox was the blueprint for 90's "post-punk". Cornflake Girl, a cover of the frightening Tori Amos classic, was a hidden track on 1996's self titled ( and final ) album. A true to form cover, Jawbox amps up the power without losing the pain of the original. The first couple of notes simple pummel you, before settling in. J Robbins sweet, low key voice is in fine form.
If you like this, be sure to track down all the Jawbox releases, in addition to Burning Airlines ( J Robbins post Jawbox endeavor ).
For you young 'uns, Robbins also played bass on the last two Government Issue records