Friday, July 09, 2004

The American Way of Dying

rounding out a patriotic week of punk celebrations of Americana. It's the Hard Feelings!

The Hard Feelings - American Way of Dying.mp3

The lead track off of the latest album - "Rebels Against the Future" - from Austin's finest. Read the liner notes here. The track doesn't do justice to the psychotic slide guitar that John Schooley is capable of laying down, instead finding a bass heavy groove and working it for all it's worth. I love the Hard Feelings and Schooley's previous band the Revelators, but I have one complaint. The distribution of the last two HF records has been terrible. I couldn't track down the "You wont like it... " online for over a year and half after it's release. While I appreciate the DIY approach, it makes it hard on the fans.

Get this record at the following:
Midheaven Mailorder
Disgruntled Mailorder