Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Hey Hey Is Johnny Home?

looks like the greatest punk rock band ( debate if you want ) is close to being 3/4 removed from this mortal coil. It doesn't appear that it will be long before Johnny, joins Joey and Dee Dee hanging out at the corner of 53rd&3rd in the great beyond. This has been really sad for me as a long time fan of the band. The Ramones were the first punk rock show I ever attended. I was instantly hooked on the short, goofy, lightning fast ( at least live ) songs and the hollered "1-2-3-4's" . The first four records are all classics, my favorite being "Road To Ruin" I was always viewed the Ramones as the antithesis of the Grateful Dead. While the Dead would improvise, the Ramones would stick to the known, playing the same 30 song set at each show. The nugget was the random odd song they would pull out of their hat ( my favorite being "The KKK took my baby away", so surprised to hear that one pulled out ).

It turns out the Mr T. Experience was terribly prophetic - check out "The End of the Ramones"
(away from my home PC so I can only provide lyrics - tomorrow I'll post the MP3")