Sunday, June 20, 2004

Happy Father's Day - Part 1

To paraphrase Ralph Kiner:

"Today's Father's Day, so to all of you fathers out there I'd like to say 'Happy Birthday'"

Some choice songs celebrating the most hallmark of holidays:

Descendents - My Dad Sucks MP3
First track from 1981's "Fat" 7 inch, later re-released in different packages. The Descendents are still farting around today but if you want the true spirit of the band pick up the "Two Things at once" CD which combines the first two 7 inches and the definitive "Milo Goes To College" LP

Angry Samoans - My Old Man's A Fatso MP3
This track from the legendary 1982's "back From Samoa" LP - a west coast classic and by far the high point of the Samoans catalog. A slower, longer version can be found on the reissue of 1980's "inside my brain" mini LP. Everything is conveniently tied up however on the discography CD "The Unboxed Set"

Dicks - Rich Daddy MP3
the Dicks version 1 were perhaps the greatest political hardcore band to come out of the US. The combination of shocking, in your face lyrics, terrifying stage presense - have you seen Gary Floyd?!?? - and just plain killer music may have been the best thing to come out of Texas in the early 80's. Any fan of punk has to hear 1983's "Kill From the Heart" in addition to the "live at Raul's Club" split LP with the Big Boys. The Dicks broke up soon after the release of KFTH. Gary Floyd later reformed the band in San Francisco, but the later version never captured the spirit of the first. "Kill From the Heart" is long out of print. In 1997 Alternative Tentacles put together a discography called "80-86" but for some reason didn't include the full LP. Jerks.