Friday, May 14, 2004

Time Warp

I was finally able to post some mp3's - Take a gander to the right - not sure how happy I am with Yahoo briefcase, but it seems to fill the need at the moment.I'm not sure how long these will last or if I'll update these. I guess it depends upon the amount of interest.

I chose these intial songs as a reprentation of some of my all time favorite artists. This is the stuff I still listen to 15-20 years later. Am I stuck in a time warp? Sure but that's only because I'm completely underwhelmed by modern music. I'm easy to please, some guitar, some melody, perhaps some screaming/yelling. I abhor the "wall of sound" technique and the heavyhanded use of studio magic so prevalent today. 24 tracks? 20 tracks to many. The grittier the better!

Motorhead - "Limb from Limb"
Motorhead was one of the first metal/punk bands I ever heard. My first exposure was listening to "killed by death" on KNAC in LA in the mid 80's. I was amazed by the bass sound and the harshness of Lemmy's voice, not to mention the whole "hard on the eyes" look. A welcome change from glam metal. As I got older I abandoned most of my one metal records, but Motorhead has stood the test of time. The track I listed is the album closer from 1978's "Overkill" and sums up everything I love about the 'Head: thick and dirty guitar, gravelly vocals, a dark sense of humor in the lyrics.

Husker Du- "Something I Learned Today
One of the most awe inspiring and life changing bands for me was Husker Du. I don't have the words or the time to explain, but the huskers were something special. Too many classic albums in such a short time period to discuss=- Zen Arcade, New Day Rising, Flip your Wig, etc. It's all there: the amazing sound Bob Mould pulled from his guitar, the dueling vocals of Bob and Grant Hart, the gut wrenching melody shrouded in noise, the perfect pop sensibility. It's a shame they will most likely never perform together again. "Something..." is the album opener from the 1984 classic double album "Zen Arcade"

Didjits - Agent 99
Take Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, ACDC, and the Ramones, throw them in blender and out pop's The Didjits. Classic R'N'R riffs turbocharged with snotty vocals. Everything I was looking for in the early 90's when the clerk at Record Time in Rochester recommended it. bought Full Nelson Reilly and never looked back. Agent 99 is the lead track from 1993's "Que Sirhan Sirhan"

Hammerhead - Slumberyard
Hammerhead were in my opinion the best band in the AmRep stable. The perfect noiserock band, bludgeoning yet melodic. To me their sound always evoked images of space, stars, and darkness This is from their first album, 1993's "Ethereal Killer", All three of their albums rock, 1994's "Into the Vortex" being the best.

New Bomb Turks - Deathbedside Manner
the Turks the best "punk" band of Nineties. Pummeling guitar, fast beats, twangy vocals, lyrics laced with wordplay. Still going today, the albums aren't as solid as they once were, but still contain enough gems to make purchase worthwhile. I spent much of 1992-1994 trying to track down their numerous singles. The song above was on a single, nicely repackaged into "Pissing Out the Poison". I'm not sure what prompted me to pick this song from so many, perhaps because it had been so long since I heard it.

Enjoy these - more soon.