Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Missed Opportunities

Apparently Sleater-Kinney played at Hamilton College on May 1 - a cool show which of course means I wasn't there. I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed it, though - I'm feeling mighty old for these punk rock kinda shows. Last small venue show I saw was the Reverend Horton Heat in Syracuse, March 2002. The club was packed full of hooligans smoking and drinking despite looking suspiciously-close-to-being-underage. The kind of annoying alterna-wannabes who have perfect hair and clothes but don't give a shit about the music. I was incredibly annoyed by the constant chattering, spilled drinks, and repeated cigarette burns. The Rev rocked as usual, just a fantastic performance that we bailed on early due to all the crap. A month later we caught Bob Mould at a theatre in Boston. Everyone in their seats, polite clapping, etc. Somewhere there must be a happy medium...

Speaking of the good reverend, a new album called "Revival" is set to appear June 29. And speaking of live shows, Reverend Horton Heat takes it on the road to Buffalo on Monday May 24 with the Detroit Cobras and the fabulous Mr. Airplane Man. I'd love to go, but alas Buffalo is 130 miles away and the show is on a Monday for chrissakes. Well, that and I'm OLD and don't have the desire or drive I once had.

Finally.. found this interesting site. Fugazi is selling live CD's that the band has recorded over the past 17 years. CD's are $8-$10 a piece with 20 shows to choose from. What an awesome way to give back to the fans. Imagine what the music industry would be like if all respected their fans and didn't try to bleed them dry. It does exist, you just ain't going to here it on Clearchannel station.