Monday, May 24, 2004

Free music

I'm still trying to find a suitable host site for music, I won't go over my laundry list of problems with Yahoo briefcase. Narrowed it down to either Xdrive, Mac, or Idrive Either way, some MP# files from my personal collection soon. In the interim check out the following sites for free MP3's specializing in the garage punk, punk rock 'n' roll genre:

Epitonic is the premier source for full mp3 files from a variety of musical styles. Requires a sign up, but I have never been hassled with regards to unsolicited email, adware, etc. I've been able to pick up on some many great bands quickly and easily via Epitonic.

Estrus Records
Estrus has been putting out quality garage punk and broken blues for at least 15 years now. Line up has included the Mummies, the Monomen, Man or Astro Man? Soledad Brothers, etc. Plenty of quality can be found on their sounds page.

Crypt Records
Crypt has been quiet the past couple of years, issuing only one album by a new band ( Little Killers ) and several reissues. Tim Warren has been reissuing classic 60's punk for years in the "Back from the Grave" & "Teenage Shutdown" series. The heyday for new music was the early to mid 90's when Crypt releases couldn't miss - fantastic records from the Gories, Nine Pound Hammer, the Oblivians, Bantam Rooster and so many others. To hear some of these fine bands check out the Crypt radio page.

Big Neck Records
formed in Buffalo, Big Neck cut their teeth by issuing some of Buffalo's finest punk and roll bands - Blowtops, Baseball Furies, Tyrades, etc. Earning a reputation os purveyors of fine product they attracted the likes of Bantam Rooster, the Ponys, and the Lost Sounds. An excellent selection of tunes can be had from here

Ghetto Recorders
Detroit's Jim Diamond has become quite the underground rock cult figure, producing bands at his studio, giving it that special "recorded in a basement" sound that is all the rage today. Here you can listen to those who've stopped by his place.

You Got Rocked!
A useful site full of reviews, pics, sounds, and more. The site doesn't seem to be hopping with activity, but links to loads of free mp3's abound