Saturday, May 01, 2004


The Site:
Something I Learned Today was started in May of 2004 without any plan or direction. I had been searching for an mp3 blog that highlighted punk and when I couldn't find one I started my own. SiLT is all about the music I dig, both new and old, out of print and easily available, obscure and well known. I have a personal affinity for early US hardcore and punk with a focus on the Midwest, LA, Texas, and DC scenes. I also like the whole KBD/Bloodstains/Hyped2death comps. In recent years I've become fond of the garage punk and fucked up blues thing. And deep down inside I'll always harbor a love for grunge and noise.

Unlike some, I don't claim to be an expert on anything. I ain't a "music journalist" nor do I have any aspirations to be one. My main motivation is exposing folks to some quality music they may have never heard or may have forgotten about at some point. At this point I'm posting about 3 times a week, usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday. That isn't etched in stone however. Enjoy it now, this thing could go belly-up at any time.

The Rules:
Well, not really rules. More like guidelines or suggestions

  • Don't hotlink my files. A general internet rule of thumb. Link to the post, not the files.

  • "right click, save as". Don't stream the mp3's. Save them your computer and enjoy to your hearts content.
  • If you like something then please leave a comment. Don't like it? Leave a comment and let us know. Have some additional info? Leave a comment. I don't make a single dime off of this site. It costs me $10 a month for hosting and sometimes more for bandwidth. It usually takes me 1-2 hours to prepare a post, and all I ask is that you leave a comment. That's it. I ain't begging for money with ads or paypal links, etc. Just a comment. Thanks for taking a moment to say something.
  • I enjoy hearing from you. Got a question? Have a complaint? Hell, even a request? Get in touch.
  • While I love getting email I aint so hot at replying in a timely fashion. This is a hobby, not a job. Be patient,I'll get back to you when I can

    Since I've started this blog a number of excellent blogs that feature have a punk, hardcore, or indie have become must reads for me:

    Vinyl Mine
    Strange Reaction
    Dressed For The H Bomb
    Afterbirth of the Cool
    Punk Vault
    Sex Kittens Compare Scratches
    Aversion MP3 Blog
    Middle Aged Youth
    7 Inch Punk

    The "Author":
    Seriously, I have no idea who would be interested in the details. If for some reason you are curious then head on over to Something's Gone Wrong Again, my day to day blog about general bullshit. Below are the basics:

  • I'm married with kids, living in Syracuse, NY and working in the IT field.
  • I used to be serious record hound, but circumstances have caused me to cut back severely.
  • I got into punk in the mid-80's (1985?) while living in Orange County, CA thanks to Rodney on the Roq and this punk midget who lived on my street and let me borrow his records.
  • I cut my teeth on the late 80's punk scene in Rochester, NY, watching cool bands like Hunger Artist, Bent, and Solution? and listening to the Disorder show on WITR.
  • Regretably, I don't get out much anymore. This is due mostly to work, family, and geography (seriously, no one plays Syracuse)